26 February 2009

Some time ago, have a friend with a capricious tone he said "my way, my high nationalism! Well, maybe sometimes I also consider myself a person that nationalism is high, as evidenced when the football team I always equal Indonesia and avenge always supported, .. he he he ... Moreover, if the incoming indonesian italy final opponents hold that this be my idol, I still care ... indonesian.

Few serious .. I quote below the criteria of nationalism that I take from wikipedia. Next review on nationalism ...

Nationalism is one tenet that creating and maintaining a state of sovereignty (in English "nation") to establish the identity of a concept for a group of people together.

The nationalist assume some countries is based on "political truth" (political legitimacy). Romantisme from the theory of "cultural identity", the debate that liberalism is a politics of truth comes from the will of the people, or a combination of both the theory.

Ties of nationalism growing in the middle of the community minded when it starts declining. Association when this happens people begin to live together in a certain area and not go from there. At that time, instinctively defend themselves very influential and encouraging them to defend his country, place of living and cleave. From the embryo of the body where this bond, which notabene weak and low quality. Ties also appear very day in the world of animals when there is the threat of foreign attack or who want to conquer a country. However, if the environment safe from the attack of the enemy and the enemy is away from the land, is the strength of this sirna.

In this modern era, nationalism refers to the practice of political and military forces of nationalism based on ethnic and religious, as stated below. Political scientists usually concentrate their investigation to the extreme nationalism such as national socialism, exile and so forth.

Some forms of nationalism

Nationalism can show itself as a familiar part of the country or movement (not state) that an opinion based on the popular, ethnic, cultural, and religious ideology. Category is most often related to the theory of nationalism and shuffle part or all of these elements.

Civic nationalism (or civil nationalism) is a kind of nationalism which the state of political gain active participation from the people, "the will of the people"; "political representation". This theory initially developed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the materials to be written. Between words that is a famous book berjudulk Du Contract Sociale (or in English "The Social Contract").

Ethnic nationalism is a kind of nationalism which countries get the truth from the political culture or ethnic origin of a community. Built by Johann Gottfried von shepherd, who introduced the concept of Volk (German for "people").

Romantic nationalism (also called organic nationalism, identity nationalism) is the continuation of ethnic nationalism in which countries get the truth so the political ( "organic") results from the nation or race; romantisme according to the spirit. Romantic nationalism is dependent to the embodiment of ethnic culture that fulfill romantic idealism; story tradition that has been up to the concept of romantic nationalism. Such as "Brothers Grimm" dinukilkan by the shepherd is a collection of stories relating to the ethnic German.

Cultural nationalism is a kind of nationalism which countries get the truth from the political culture and not with "gene" such as skin color, race, and so forth. The best example is the Chinese people consider that the state is based on culture. Elements have been behind the race is where the race-Manchu and other racial minorities is still considered a country Chinese people. Willingness to use the Qing dynasty customs Chinese culture Chinese prove integrity. Even many people of Taiwan consider themselves Chinese because of nationalist culture, but they refused because the PRC government taiwan sensible communism.

Statesman nationalism is civic nationalism variation, always combined with ethnic nationalism. Feelings of nationalism is so strong given the superiority over the rights and universal freedom. The triumph of a country that always berkonflik and contrast with the principles of democratic society. Organizing a 'national state' is an ingenious argument that, as though the kingdom formed better with itself. An example is the usual Nazism, and nationalism in contemporary Turkey, and in the form of a smaller, right-wing Franquisme in Spain, and the attitude 'Jacobin' unitaris against the pemusat country and France, as well as community nationalism Belgium, which is violent in order to realize the rights equality (equal rights) and more autonomy for the Fleming, and the nationalist Basque or Corsican. Systematically, statesman when nationalism is strong, will form a tug of loyalty to the pro conflict society, and to the region, such as Turkish nationalism and repression kejamnya against Kurdish nationalism, in protest of a strong central government in Spain and France with Basque nationalism, Catalan , and Corsica.

Religious nationalism is a kind of nationalism which countries obtain political legitimacy of religious equality. However, ethnic nationalism is often mixed with a confused religious nationalism. For example, in the spirit of Irish nationalism from the equation, namely their Catholic religion, nationalism in India as a vassal by diamalkan party BJP from Hindu religion.

However, for the most nationalist religious groups are just a symbol and not the main motivation group. For example, the 18-century, Irish nationalism led by those who profess Protestantism. Nationalist movement in Ireland fighting not just for me dignity theology solely. They struggle to uphold the tenet pertinent to Ireland as an independent country chiefly Irish culture. Thus, nationalism often associated with freedom.


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