19 June 2012

Deep penetration during sex can sometimes make women feel pain. To overcome these problems, it is necessary to communication between couples. This is because for some couples, trying different sexual positions are easy things that occur naturally but for others, they are stuck in a routine on one or two positions that are fruitful to bring pleasure.

We know that certain positions are more useful than the other positions to get the maximum enjoyment of sex. Keeping an open mind to the many sexual positions that are available can be a smart strategy for a satisfying sex life.

An exciting position for a husband may be less convenient for a wife for several reasons, such as shape and size of genitalia, age, menstrual cycle, levels of arousal, and others.

When penetration is uncomfortable for the wife, there are four moments of lovemaking that prevent pain while offering intense stimulation or varied.
So the following tips when it does not hurt Vagina Sex:
Focus on sexual arousal and pleasure. When a woman is sexually aroused before the maximum, he will find it useful. Muscle contractions pull the cervix further and further back into the body to extend the channel Vagina.
The penis is pushing the cervix usually cause pain during deep penetration (although some women can enjoy it like a stimulus). Ensure women are very aroused before attempting penetration depth will certainly prevent the pain.

Missionary position is good for women because it can control the depth, then stretch his legs or raise your knees to increase arousal. In this position, she will feel more comfortable when receiving a deeper penetration.

Stylish woman on top is very useful for women who experience pain during deep penetration because it allows women to control the depth, angle, and rhythm of penetration.

Will always be the best course of action to approach a woman with a gentle manner, any style of sex that you will do. Make sure you express how much you love her and that you are happy with your sex life with him.

Sex should be satisfying and enjoyable for both parties. So, be sure to communicate openly with your partner about how you feel every position, including when to try new sex style


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