01 February 2009

Interesting natural phenomenon will occur again in Indonesia. For those who do not want to miss it, remember the date of 26 January 2009 The sun eclipse will occur ring (GMC). The sun eclipse path crossing the ring starting from the Indian Ocean waters around southern Africa at 06.06 GMT (13.06 WIB) and the Indian Ocean, the South Sumatra mainland, most western Java, West Kalimantan, Central-East, parts of Gorontalo province before the end of the Southern Mindanao, the Philippines at 09.52 GMT (16.52 WIB) region indonesian first contact with the central eclipse is an island where the eclipse Peak Engganau shadow days will cover 92.82% on the surface of the sun at 08.00 GMT. (15.00 WIB) is a central Indian Ocean.

In general, the ring sun eclipse will occur this time along the 14,500 km with a wide path shadow months covering the sun selebar 280 km, or 0.9% through the entire surface of the earth wide with long eclipse 3 hours 46 minutes.
For those who want to enjoy the sun eclipse the ring, you can find the best place to pass the sun eclipse the central ring. In Sumatra (Enggano Island, Bandar Lampung, Pringsewu, Earth City, Tanjung Karang, Gunungsugih, Batu Raja, Kalianda, Bakahuni, G. Krakatau, Belitung Island etc..), In Java (Merak, Banten Serang etc..), In Kalimantan ( Pangkalanbun, Palangkaraya, Muarateweh, Tanjungredep, Batuputih, Samarinda, Bontang etc..), in Sulawesi (Tolitoli, Ogatua etc.).. Elsewhere in

Indonesia from Sabang to Meraoke can see this, even if only partial eclipse viewing only, not as precise on the city over to the central.
Solar eclipse occurs when the cover months or hinder the light of the sun to the earth. Where position is located in the months between the earth and the sun. Solar eclipse there are three types, namely total solar eclipse, solar eclipse and a ring eclipse the sun in part. When the total solar eclipse at the time of the incident eclipse month diameter greater than the diameter of the sun so the sun can be closed kesuluruan, kemuadian ring eclipse the sun, occurs when the eclipse at the time of the incident, the diameter of the month is smaller diameter of the sun is not so closed as a whole and form a the circular ring, while the solar eclipse which some days is not precise to cover the sun, so the sun only partially visible.

Semi-diameter (fingers angular) months at the Sun eclipse the ring this time is 00 14 '51.6 "are semi-diameter (angular fingers) sun 00 16' 14.6" as semi-diameter months less than the diameter of the sun in the semi, then This time the eclipse is called a ring eclipse Sun

People who want to see the eclipse can not contemplate direct sun, because it can damage the vision therefore must use equipment such as security cameras or other equipment berfilter as several layers negative film, film in the floppy disks, etc. las glass eye.


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