23 February 2009

We certainly never feel sad, because a failure to do something, at such times we feel that we are people who feel weak or low self. Sometimes we even get stuck in despair and failure are only mourn. Whether such a problem we're done?
Actually there are some things that we have made as a reflection of our experience at all of that.
There are five actions that we must look to exit from the situation.

Value Goodness

Believe, there is always a good value on the self We, the value that we will be encouraging to rise from failure. "My first way out, is my charakter. Thus, the rare first character we are building strong, self-confidence, and confidence that we can rise."


Once we believe that we can rise, flee failure to act to improve it. "Many people often fail because the delay of all things to be done.


Select the target that we are really tired. Note, which must be done earlier. That way we will not change the plan that had already been prepared well. Many people have set objectives, but the healer / Paranormal is not suitable to work at the water, so plans changed. But we must still believe in ourselves we.


We advanced the field of work we, the more expensive price of the work we. This capability can also support self-confidence we.


Relationship is not only a lot of relationships. More important how the relationship with the We the people We are the nearest. For example, supervisors do not pleased with the We We, We do not have to be back not happy with him. Take the initiative to become a more private beatify, with work better.

Hopefully this can help anyone who read it, including me.


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