04 February 2009

Out of blood from the nose due to the existence of a blood vessel in the mucous nose broken. Vena outbreak is out of the blood constantly from the nose. Exit can be a lot of blood, can also slightly, depending on the size of the blood vessel is broken.

Despite the blood out a little, but this disease is also called as a nosebleed. Nosebleed itself divided into 2 types. First type is called Anterior Epistaksis outbreak caused by a connection between the arterial and etmodialis anterior labialis superior. Perdarahannya point clear, that is only in the front of the nose, so it was not dangerous.

Arterial-arterial that is located on the anterior surface and is very small, if there is only a small outbreak nosebleed. When the normal discharge of blood, about 3-5 minutes will stop itself. This type of nosebleed usually occurs in children less rest, high summer, the grown-up, or trauma in the nose outside.

Whereas the second type, Epistaksis posterior, caused by arterial sfenopalatina outbreak. Point out the blood does not appear, because of its location in the arterial. Sudden bleeding can occur steadily through the nose.

Epistaksis on the posterior, which is broken arterial large, so that blood can discharge continuously. Therefore, the patient should be immediately taken to hospital by doctor and specialist ENT (Ear Nose, Throat) and in disease. Not a general doctor, general physician, for if the posterior epistaksis handle this, the mortality risk is very large. At the ENT were also specific.

This type of nosebleed often occur in people with hypertension (high blood pressure). Interestingly, at the outbreak of sfenopalatina arterial hypertension, it is good for the people. Section. arterial sfenopalatina outbreak as it occurs rather than the valve stroke. If the stroke, the arterial is broken in the brain. Before the arterial broken in the brain, arterial sfenopalatina is broken first, so that tensinya down, and can ease vertigo or headache.

This usually occurs in people above 40 years old, and are often caused by hypertension. Therefore, if, someone who already had experienced posterior nosebleed due to hypertension, blood pressure should always be controlled. Because, if blood pressure is not controlled, the possibility of arterial sfenopalatina will be broken again around 50 percent.

How do I overcome this? Simple way to help stop the bleeding without drugs and equipment. Simply sit with the position of the body and the head slightly forward to the future. Then use the thumb and index finger to press and close the nose. Meanwhile, the mouth opened to breathe. Do for 1-2 minutes. Not long and usually stops the blood directly.

With the means to promote blood will not flow back to the throat. Use to prevent irritation and cough, choke, or vomit blood. Sitting position also makes blood flow more slowly, because the position as the heart pumps blood center under the nose. Different if the child in a lie, because the position of the heart are in line with the nose, so that blood flow is relatively faster.

If you do not first succeed, try ice compress to the nose. Wrapped with ice sniffer ago paste between the brow and nose. In addition to ice, other objects such as frozen food or drink can be used. Ice and other cold objects be able to decrease the blood vessel so that the bleeding was quickly stopped. Compress can be done when the bleeding is in progress and stop.

If there is accidental kangkung, you can use to treat kangkung nosebleed. Some of the reference, in 100 grams of kangkung boiled without salt, the value is nutrisnya energy for 28 kkal, 91 water, 2 grams, 1 protein, 9 grams, 0 fat, 4 grams, and 5 carbohydrate, 63 grams. In addition, kangkung also contain minerals, vitamins A, B, C, amino acid, calcium, phosphorus, karoten, and iron.
Kangkung have as anti-toxic chemicals, stoper bleeding, diuretik, anti-inflammation, and sedatif (tranquilizer / sleeping pills). Therefore not easy to wonder if we are sleepy after eating in many portions of the main menu kangkung.
For the purpose of treatment, which is used throughout the plant and roots. Gynecology chemical is leaf minerals, vitamins, karotena, hentriakontan, and sitosterol. Several types of diseases that can be treated with kangkung, among others, nosebleed, bleeding too much, tooth pain, expedite urine, food poisoning, blood, urine, stomach pain, difficulty sleeping, bleeding hemorrhoids, and so forth

Nosebleed to treat and reduce the period that is too much, take two kangkung bind and wash until clean. After that destroyed diblender or until smooth. Next filtered water and mixed with one tablespoon honey. The water is then drunk at the same time once a day.

Or use the betel leaf. Once washed clean, betel leaf roll and is input to the bleeding nose. Betel leaf, known to overcome the powerful nosebleed because it contains substances or astringen diminutival network.

You should immediately consult a doctor ENT specialist in there, for more detailed you are the cause nosebleed. When viewed from the symptoms, you may nosebleed because you experience interference or high blood sinusitis.


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