14 February 2009

Make love for the couple husband and wife is common. Various styles that might not be counted in order to reach sexual satisfaction. For the many who intentionally learn from various sources. Books, the Internet and consult with experts.

Among the many styles that might make you know there are at least 7 style make the most hot and in demand when many couples are in touch or make intimate.

1. Style missionaries
In the style of missionaries, women are under men's and above. This style is not recommended if you're pregnant wife can be as painful for the wife.

2. Women on Top, Down in Men (Woman on Top)
Style Woman on Top is the most stylish groove many women. With the husband at the top of his body, he can control himself and set a good position for himself. Conducting style make this model, the fat woman to make it fast and zippy reach orgasme.
Woman in style on top, women hold more control than the men. This style of mourning is usually done in by a young couple who recently married.

3. Style scoop
Style make this one similar to the spoon. Sex position in which his wife is lying beside the husband. While her husband is behind his wife and make penetration with both hands free to hold or embrace his wife's back.

4. Style make the spoon facing
Style is a couple sleeping alongside each other but each other face-to-face. One foot in the lift for his wife gave the husband the opportunity to do penetration.
Style make this very suitable wife if you are pregnant.

5. Style make Sit Position
Usually this is done in the style of the place of repose hard enough. His wife sat in the husband's lap in a position vis-a-vis. Then the husband to penetration from the front.
Style make this hand to create both free and pay each other the opportunity is also large. While doing penetration could embrace his wife or husband and husband's shoulder to hug his wife's body tight.

6. Doggie Style
Doggie style is the style usually by men like the hollow body of the wife will be clearly visible and the pelvis and buttocks wife looked very beautiful to make men very happy.
In addition, this makes doggie style vagina wife to be more meetings and the position of the penis can go in full to the vagina. Weakness if it does not do foreplay first, the woman will usually feel very sick.

7. Non-sex Penetratif
To make that an alternative style can be a good choice for cases of emergency is a Non-penetration sex appeal. Sex does not enter the penis into the vagina, but in a way to stimulate or hug each other until only occur orgasme.

Whatever style you choose, enjoy your sex life with your partner. If you have not at this time find the best style for you both keep with the tried-bereksplorasi try different styles, both of which you may be happy.


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