30 September 2009

Parents sometimes Slap or hit to make children obedient and disciplined in a flash. But, you know the hard parenting can cause harm to the child's brain development?

A recent study says, parents who react too hard to correct the mistakes children, for example, by way of slapping or hitting, not only causes children stress but also make the level of intelligence (IQ) lower child.

Researchers conducted studies of thousands of children in the United States shows, children who often slapped his parents had IQ scores (intelligence quotients) is lower than children who have never slapped.

"Every parent wants a smart child. By avoiding violence on children and do other ways to correct the mistakes children, it can be achieved," said Murray Straus, a sociologist from the University of New Hampshire, USA.

In his research, Strauss and his team conduct a national study of two sample groups of children, ie 806 children aged 2-4 years, and 704 children aged 5-9 years. At the start of the study children IQ test and subsequent tests at the end of the study, four years later.

The children of the two groups showed increased levels of intelligence after four years. But the group of 2-4 year-olds who often slapped orangtunya, showed an IQ score of 5 points lower than children who have never slapped. For children 5-9 years old who had slapped, his IQ scores average 2.8 points lower than his colleagues had not slapped.

"Beatings or acts of violence committed parents is a traumatic experience for children. Various studies have shown that traumatic events bad for the brain. In addition, the trauma also makes the child responds to stressful events faced tough. It is certainly an impact on cognitive development , "said Straus.

Not a few parents who made the hit, slap, or a reprimand as a weapon to educate children. Children choose to think rather than punishment. "As a result the child can not think independently," said Elizabeth Gershoff the field of child development experts from the University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Each child's need to be taught discipline. In addition to abide by the rules, discipline would also make a child learn to respect others and control the urge in him. However, parents should also need to create boundaries based on love for the child to feel safe.

Instead of punishing children by beating, give more emphasis on the positive side of children, for example by giving a gift or a compliment when the child a positive effect. If forced to give the penalty, adjust with child age and the prevailing situation.


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