25 February 2009

many that have been discussed about the type or types of sexy women. but if men can also be considered by the women's section? So, this time the discussion topic inganin we discuss about the man who is considered by the women section. It is important to entrap the hearts desire.

1. The shoulder width
Male broad-shouldered masculine look in the eyes of women, in addition to the more broad-shouldered man in a neatly dressed. Women often have a desire to embrace the man who shoulder width.

2. Do muscular arms
Women feel proud when I get a boyfriend I have strong arms, men think it feels when he coupled the hand we feel more or he hands warm when we gather a crowd.

3. Feet long
From now until the first time, long-legged men, I always considered sexy, not including the giraffe. Men always considered leggy athletic.

4. Chest prominence
Always imagine women rely on men's standout chest, chest men gave prominence sensation boyfriend pillow when you get tired and want to sleep on your chest. (Tips are also valid for a certain kind of breast prominent female)

5. I plump buttocks and fast
Do you realize that women can also feel men want to squeeze you plump buttocks.

6. I small waist
Men small waist to give the impression that you are ageless and frisky. moreover added six pack. Did your stomach women often tout the man when the man picked up over the shirt when I take the goods at a high. (same as men do women's dress pleased Watch)

7. I clean face
Not need very white, I have important men do face bright and clean. so do not make you bored them. I have had to face ugly, do not add you to the evil you face grim.

8. Bass voice (not rock)
Have you heard the voice when Batman spoke, the sound ... Elvis Presley, it's always the women with men have a voice like that .., I know by phone. women will want to hurry to meet you. Then it's up to you.

If you have all the above, you do not need expensive clothes and look again for your support, just one of jeans and naked breast will make the woman hysterical.


  1. clean face is a must mas... hehehehe.. clean dari muka mesyumm hehehe...
    salam kenal ya bang..

    anak surabaya nih..


  2. Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Thanks


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