05 February 2009

In the pregnant women, this sleep disturbance generally occurs at the age of the womb first and third trimester.
In the first trimester, the pregnant women often feel irritated because often wake up at night only to dispose of urine. So sleep is very disturbed. Symptoms often waste water because there is a small bladder pressure due to get it fixed up. In addition, in this period, most pregnant women are also disturbed by the feeling of nausea did not appear only in the morning, but could be all day.

In the third trimester, sleep disturbances will progressively worsen. Not merely a result of waste water often small, but it also does not feel comfortable because of the belly bulge. In fact, some old pregnant woman who once confessed difficult to sleep due to a very sick sense of strain.

How about the second trimester? In general, the pregnant woman who once said that this period is the most comfortable. In addition to the stomach not too large, in the second trimester also feel sick not disrupt. And the experts said, pregnant women are recommended to enjoy the right of this second trimester.

Right way to reduce the complaint are:
1. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages.
Suck cigarettes and drinking alcohol during pregnancy pasa, it is not recommended. In addition to harm fetus, cigarettes and alcohol also makes the mother sleep difficult.

2nd Reduce caffeine.
Not a secret anymore that caffeine - such as cigarettes and alcohol - can also make someone's difficult to sleep. Even in some people, can make the heart flutter. Therefore, the caffeine should be avoided, or at least reduced. Special in the afternoon and night, pregnant women should not consume food or beverages that contain caffeine. Besides coffee, caffeine also be contained in the tea, soda, and chocolate.

3. Create a cool room.
When pregnant women often start feeling sick, then this is the time to change the room temperature and atmosphere to be more cool. This can be done with the 'bank' gleam and 'silent' noise that can make the mother awakened from sleep.

4. Stop the sport three or four hours before bed.
Physical exercise or light exercise during pregnancy are very good to support the physical and mental health of the mother. But be careful because sleep disturbances will occur if the body can not be time to rest after exercise. Therefore, the end is the sporting activity at least three or four hours before bed.

5. Try to sleep in the afternoon.
Excellent if pregnant women can steal time during the day to sleep. For, this can drive away feeling tired. But it should, siesta is not too long, just 30-60 minutes. For, if too long, it can make the mother can not enjoy a sound sleep at night.

6. Create a regular sleep schedule.
During pregnancy, try to set the time to sleep and wake up. If the schedule is made, then the mother will be able to sleep and wake up at the same hour each day. And to facilitate the mother sleeps, create the atmosphere rileks (relax) before bed. For example, dining with a quiet night and not in a hurry. Then, create a calm atmosphere and rileks, with how to read or berendam in hot water.

7. Keep the television out of the bed.
If mothers have a habit watching TV, or the count charged in the bed, a habit of living. For all of that will only make the mother enjoy sleeping soundly and comfortably. So, use the bed only for activities that were held there for that, such as sleep.

8. Remove all the sleep problem.
Perhaps, no one man who escape from the problem. But for pregnant women who want to sleep soundly, should not involve the problem to the bedroom door. So, as much as possible, finish it at dinner. Do not wait until tomorrow morning.

9. Immediately lift the foot, if I can not sleep.
If a time can not sleep when already 20-30 minutes on the bed, wake up and flee is to go outside a room. Listen to soft music or reading a magazine, may help to bring a sense drowsiness. Drowsiness, and if it really comes, it is time to return to the contest.

10. Chewing snack before bed.
For pregnant women in the first trimester is often didera feeling nauseous, chew snack food or a small software - for example Crackers - the bed may help reduce the feeling of nausea.

11. Avoid heavy meals before bed.
If snacks are encouraged, then the weight of food, even spicy food also should be avoided. Food is too spicy or acid can cause heartburn in the stomach, and digestive disturbances.

12. Reduce drinking at night.
Drinking adequate amounts of the highly recommended for pregnant women. But should, in the amount to drink more in the morning and afternoon. With the 'quota' of water must be drunk on the night, not many. This can help pregnant women not to waste water is often too small in the night.

13. Biasakan sloping to the left
Since the first trimester, a normal position to sleep in italics to the left. Know the origin, this position will help blood flow smoothly and nutrition to the fetus and the uterus, kidneys and help to slow the production of a little urine. Get to sleep in this position is also useful to help the mother sleep more optimal when the bulge in the belly of the third trimester.

14. Do not worry if it difficult to sleep
Although all efforts have been made, sometimes there is also pregnant women who are still difficult to sleep. If itupun happen to you, do not worry. Behold, awake from sleep at night for pregnant women, it is very normal and natural.


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