09 February 2011

As with other muscles, vaginal muscles must also be kept kekencangannya. In addition to improving your sexual activity, strong vaginal muscles can prevent bowel problems later in life.

Muscle pubcoccygeus (PC)-like cradle that hung between his legs. Pubcoccygeus are the muscles that contract during less than a second when you reach orgasm. These muscles will relax with age. Other factors, such as childbirth, weight gain, or chronic cough can make the muscles more relaxed.For women

Exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles and tighten the vagina has been done by the women of China and India since ancient times. Kegel exercises, which now has a lot of practice, created by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1948 to reduce abstinence (decrease in the ability to withhold urination / large) after delivery. Also, Kegel exercises can help improve and prolong orgasms.

First of all, you must find and separate the correct muscle. The easiest way to do this is to practice holding and release the back flow of urine while waste water (you should not do Kegel exercises during bowel movements). Practice with a way to tighten and loosen the back muscles as much as twenty times in one stage and slowly increase up to sixty times or more. Furthermore, Extend the ability to tighten these muscles into five seconds. You can do it anywhere: on the train, at work, or in bed.

Gymnastics to tighten the vaginal muscles can be done without the knowledge of others and can be done almost anywhere.

For men

Kegel exercises can also be done by men. Additional exercises can be done by putting a small wet towel over the cup erect penis, then move the penis up and down. Strong pelvic muscles can give you greater control to determine the time your orgasm. Research carried out recently in elderly men also showed that pelvic muscle exercises can help restore erectile function.

Good sex tips improving sex drive with Gymnastics Sex can help you.


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