16 February 2011

Do not believe it with opinions or myths that circulate about sexual dysfunction / erectile. Discuss the problem still considered taboo by some, but if the spouse or the people around you are experiencing do not let it just a myth that you know without looking for the truth.

This is to avoid misunderstandings about the problem difungsi erection. Do not get the information you provide even cause error sense. The following myths and facts about sexual dysfunction in men from Pfizer Indonesia.

- Myth 1: The difficulty erection together with loss of sexual desire and loss of power or barren
Fact: Most men who experience this problem still has a great passion and desire for sexual intercourse and achieving orgasm. Erectile difficulties associated with the ability to create or maintain it and do not mean the loss of sexual desire, or happen to sterility.

- Myth 2: The difficulty erection is a private matter
Fact: Erectile dysfunction is indeed common among men in all ages. According to the American Medical Association, 10% of men experiencing this problem is settled and there are some men who actually did not experience it but only less than optimal erections.

- Myth 3: This problem is normal in the aging process
Fact: Sexual dysfunction in men can not be considered normal in any age. But with age does require a longer time of stimulation and physical stimulation. Male young age can have this problem because of unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking lots of alcohol, smoked, used drugs and rarely exercise.

- Myth 4: This disorder will recover by itself
Fact: Sexual dysfunction is a medical issue that must be addressed with treatment solutions. If treatment is not used, this problem will be more severe and can cause psychological effects of a decreased level of confidence men.

- Myth 5: This problem is a purely physical problem
Fact: This disorder is a complex problem that can be caused not only physical but also psychological condition. Problem of cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social circumstances can lead to sexual dysfunction in men.

source: Vivanew.com


  1. Management of Erectile dysfunction (ED) is primarily by using medications like “VIAGRA” (Sildenafil Citrate). However medicines are not a sure shot treatment and a set of patients almost one third to one fourth of all newly diagnosed patients with erectile dysfunction may not respond to the medical treatment alone. This happens particularly in men who have undergone a pelvic surgery (e.g. prostate removal, cancer surgery)and men with Diabetes.


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