23 September 2008

Ideology is a set of ideas or ideas. The word ideology was created by its own Destutt de Tracy in the late 18-century to define a "science of ideas". Ideology can be considered as a comprehensive vision, as I consider all things (compare Weltanschauung), in general (see Ideology day in the life of a day) and some philosophical direction (see Political Ideology), or a group of ideas submitted by the dominant class in all of the members community. The main objective behind the ideology is to offer changes through the process of normative reasoning.

Ideology is the abstract system of thought (not simply the formation of ideas) that are applied to the problem so that the public make this concept become a political core. Implicit in every mind a political ideology to follow although not think the system is laid as the explicit. (Definition Marxisme ideology).

Definition of Ideology

The definition is important. That is why Ibn Sina never comments:
"Without a definition, we will never be up to the draft. "

Therefore, according to him, together with the importance of syllogism (read: logical thinking in the right) for each proposition (proposition or statement) that we make.

Mabda 'in etimologis is mashdar mimi's words bada'ayabdau bad'an wa mabda'an which means beginning. Terminologis the fundamental means of thought built over the mind-thoughts (branch) [Al-Mausu'ah al-Falsafiyah, entry of al-Mabda ']. Al-Mabda '(ideology): ideas fundamental (fikrah raisiyah) and the basic criterion (al-qaidah al-asasiyah) behavior. From the logic of al-mabda 'is the fundamental basis and every regulation [see note book edge Ususun Nahdhah ar-Rasyidah, p. 36]

Other definitions

In addition to the above definition, following some other definition of ideology:

Ideology is a set of ideas or ideas or Aqidah 'aqliyyah (the belief that through the process of thinking) that bear the rules in life.

* Destertt de Tracy:

Ideology is the study of ideas - ideas / thoughts particular.

* Descartes:

Ideology is the core of all human thought.

* Machiavelli:

Ideology is a system of protection which is owned by the ruler.

* Thomas H:

Ideology is a way to protect the powers of government that can survive and manage people.

* Francis Bacon:

Ideology is Sintesa thought of the concept of a life.

* Karl Marx:

Ideology is a tool to achieve equality and shared prosperity in the community.

* Napoleon:

Ideology of political thought from the rival-rivalnya.

* Muhammad Ismail Muhammad:

Ideology (Mabda ') is al-Fikru human al-al-ladzi hubna Qablahu Fikrun Akhar, thinking that is not built on the idea that other minds. Thought this is an accumulation of basic answers to questions of where, what and want to go natural, and human life is associated with the origin of life and creation muasal afterwards?

* Dr. Hafidh Shaleh:

Ideology is a thought that the idea has a rational conception (Aqidah aqliyah), which includes the belief and the solution of all problems of human life. Thought it should have a method, which includes methods exist for me right ideas and solutions, and maintain its method, and the method and pass it on to the world.

* An Taqiyuddin-Nabhani:

Mabda 'is Aqidah of birth aqliyah regulations. Aqidah is a comprehensive idea about the universe, human, and life, and about what is before and after life, in addition to the relationship with the substance before and after the natural life in this world. Or Mabda 'is a basic idea of the overall universe, human, and life. Includes two parts, namely, fikrah and thariqah.

In general it can be concluded that Ideology (mabda ') is thought to include a fundamental conception of life and have a method to rationalize the form of thought is the fact, method to keep in mind is not to be absurd thoughts-thoughts of the other methods and to pass it on.

So in this context the definition ideology regardless of the source of conception Ideology, then Islam is the religion that has qualified as an Ideology with a sense of the word Mabda 'in the context of arab language.

When we browse the entire world, then we will see that there are only three ideology (mabda '). That is capitalism, socialism, including communism, and Islam. At this time the first two mabda, each brought in by one or several countries. Mabda while the third, namely Islam, when this does not take in one country, but brought in by individuals in the community. However, this mabda remain all over the world.

Source conception ideology capitalism and socialism comes from the artificial human intellect, while the revelation of Islam comes from Allah SWT (syara law ').

Ibn Sina bring about problems in the ideology of "Najat", he said:

"Prophet of God and descriptive legal ideology and far more necessary for the sustainability of the human race, and for the achievement of human perfection will be his human existence, rather than the growth of the brow, feet tread groove, or other things like that, the most beneficial for the sustainability of fast race human, but not essential. "

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