19 September 2008

Demands of globalization that makes the information as a resource acceleration of economic behavior, political, social, and cultural, causing the flow and absorption of information is done through fast-paced electronic media as well.

Context of globalization is also unavoidable in policies related to governance (governance) institutions. The information related to educational development policies must necessarily adjust to changing demands of local communities in fast-paced global prospective as well. Rule think globally, act locally is one reflection of how the information in the world and between countries have a very quick opportunity to change the local behavior of the local culture through the penetration of information.

Because the object of education is a community development as an entity of a nation, then the information given must also be a communication medium that contains the meaning of education and learning, so that the resulting behavior change is a change in the collective behavior of a nation in the process of building.

To answer this challenge www.depdiknas.go.id page as one source of information on education and learning that can make a positive contribution in changing the behavior of developing nations to have a behavioral construct that is full of knowledge (knowledge based society).

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  1. yeah,,globalisasi bikin semuanya berkembang menjadi pesat... :D

    lam kenal, kunjungan pertama nih,,
    leh kita bertukar link kawan..?
    linkmu dah kupsang..:D


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