01 November 2008

A problem sometimes make us dizzy, so when we try to solve our various obstacles. the very fundamental problem when it is completed but not with an efficient way. an email that I can make me seem so in this case I want to share to all readers ..

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
Often the most commotion when we solve a problem, and although the problem is finished, but the resulting solution is not an efficient solution and thus are too complex.
Let's try to see in the three cases below:
1. One of the cases there is a case of empty soapbox, which happened in one of the biggest cosmetics company in Japan. The company received a complaint from customers who said that he had to buy soap box (made of paper material) is empty.
With the right leadership the company told the problem to the packing of duty to move all the soap boxes that have to be prepacked shipping department. For any reason, one soap box is one to reach through the packing in the blank. The management team ask the engineers to solve the problem.
Immediately, the engineers worked hard to create an X-ray machine with high-resolution monitor is operated by two people to see all the rays passing through the soap and make sure that the box is not empty. There is no doubt, they worked hard and fast but the cost incurred is not small.
But when there is an employee at a small company faced the same problems that he does not think about things complicated, but it appears with a different solution. He bought a fan for the power industry which has considerable energy and direct it to the packing line. He set off the fan, and each box of soap through the fan, the fan is blowing the empty soap box out of the path packing, because the soap made from a lightweight paper material.
2. At the time NASA began sending astronauts to space, they find a pen that they can not work in zero gravity, because the pen ink can not flow to the pen. To solve this problem, they spent a decade and 12 million dollars.
They developed a pen that can work in conditions such as zero gravity, upside down, in water, in a variety of surfaces including crystal and in the degree temperatures ranging from below
freezing point until more than 300 degrees Celsius.
And if that the Russian people?. They use a pencil.
3. One day, the apartment received a complaint from customers. Customers begin to feel their time waiting at the elevator door is increasing over time in the apartment was. He (the owner) invited a number of experts to solve.
One expert suggested that to increase the amount of lift. Of course, with increased lift, so the waiting time is reduced. Other experts ask the owner to replace the elevator more quickly, with the assumption, the more quickly people can be served. Both of earlier suggestions that need not cost a bit.
However, one expert suggested only one other case, "The essence of your customers complain they feel is a long wait." Experts recommend that before only to invest glass mirror in front of the lift, so that one customer concern over the work of "waiting" and was "not waiting elevator."
Moral stories this is a philosophy which is called KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), that is always looking for solutions that are simple, so that even stupid people can even do it. Try to arrange a solution that is simple and allows to solve the problems. Therefore, we must learn to focus on solutions rather than focus on the problem.
Motivation of the day:
A dream is just a dream. A Goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.
'Dreams are just a Dreamland. A goal is a dream which comes with plans and deadlines. " (Harvey McKay)


  1. Dalem banget...!
    Kalimat terakhir aku copas, ya....!

  2. Its A nice topics...
    Some people had their own way to solve their own problem...Depend on their Character, Attitude, and Choices.
    I agree to focus in Solutions rather than the Problem.
    Dalam teori Atraksi (Gaya Tarik-Menarik) Semakin kita fokus terhadap satu masalah, maka masalah itu akan semakin tertarik masuk ke dalam kehidupan kita.
    Keep Up the Good Works...
    Cari lebih banyak artikel tentang masalah ini.


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