14 November 2013

Ways To Not Caring Vaginal Odor and Discharge . Vagina is one of the important parts that are owned by women . To keep the vagina need special care . Actually there are a lot of ways treating vaginal recommended both natural and modern , which is using drugs . Caring vagina not only aim to please your partner , but also for the health care of women vagina itself. Useful for the treatment vagina vagina from germs and keep the statement, because it is an open nature . If it does not receive special treatment vagina vulnerable to disease causing vaginal discharge and odor.
Actually, what needs to be considered in treating the vagina ? For that let us discuss how to care for the vagina vagina tips on how to care for the following :

    In use special soap to clean vagina vagina that has a pH similar to normal vaginal pH around 3.5 to 4.5 , in treating vaginal maintain vaginal acidity is important to prevent bacteria or germs are good , if you are going to use an antiseptic vaginal ( douche ) select a recommended doctor , because it has antiseptic properties and can be hard to kill all the bacteria in the vagina either the good bacteria that keep vaginadam cause irritation of the vagina .
    In choosing not to choose underwear that is too tight underwear , cwelana in too tight is not good for the health of the vagina vagina because the atmosphere will be hot and humid , this certainly trigger the proliferation of germs. In addition to the use of tight underwear can reduce raim , continuous operation for a long time certainly is not good for your uterus . Choose underwear made ​​of sweat absorbing material and not too tight .
    Avoid the use of perfumes and deodorants in the vaginal area , a lot of women who do this hoping the vagina to smell good, but this is not recommended because it can cause irritation in the vagina because the area is more sensitive in the appeal of other areas .
    Replace the pads more often and do not be lazy to replace it , especially when you are in the menstrual period , it is important to do so that does not become moist vagina .
    In treating the vagina is not only done on the outside but on the inside as it is important to maintain your diet and keep your weight in order to stay balanced .
    In the vaginal treatment using the herb material should not be too often , do maximum 2 times a month , especially in the moments after the menstrual period it is important to maintain the pH balance of the vagina and keep order tetepa always healthy and fragrant .
    The last thing that is important in health care for vagina and ourselves is to do safe sex , I mean look if your partner has a history of sexually transmitted disease other than that pretty to have sex with our official partner .

How to treat vaginal thus you should know especially for women . From now on just treat yourself and your partner .
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