24 February 2012

Eating fish provides many health benefits. Recent research suggests that the nutrients contained in fish also help boost sex drive for men.

In addition to containing omega 3, fish also contain arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that the body uses to make nitric oxide. In the genital organs, nitric oxide is used to expand blood vessels. The more narrow the blood vessels, the ability of man to achieve an erection is inhibited. As for women, would interfere with his ability to get aroused.

Not only that, the fish also contain zinc (Zn). According to experts, the zinc is linked to male sexual problems. Baby boy on the lack of zinc compounds in the body, the growth of sexual organs to be less than perfect.

In the adult male, the element zinc was found in semen. Low zinc levels would decrease in sexual desire and the urge to ejaculate. Not only that, zinc deficiency can result in decreased sperm count and testosterone.

Automatic reduction in male hormones affect sexual arousal. The lower of these hormones, the lower the passion lovemaking.

The highest content of arginine found in salmon. You are also advised to insufficient zinc intake recommendations for men and women as much as 11 mg 8 mg that many contained in cod liver (0.5 mg), salmon (1 mg), sardines (3 mg) and tuna (0.8 mg).

Make sure you also exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet in order to obtain satisfactory results.


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