10 January 2010

Women are easy to reach climax (orgasm) and even up to many times. However, how long will it take women to achieve the Big O?

It is said that when a woman aroused, blood flow in the body not only focused on her Miss V only. But in all sensitive areas even if the woman is stimulated with the right to help women reach climax.

Redbook Love Network Expert, Lou Paget explained, women are more easily achieve multiple orgasms in a single game than the men. This was allegedly because the woman's body not through pascaorgasme recovery time.

"This means that more women could feel the orgasm longer, and repeatedly," said Paget.

It is said that women experience orgasm is divided into 3 types. Whatever it? Here Redbookmag translate for you.

Compound singles

These orgasms are separated from each other. When a woman has an orgasm first. It took time for his passion gap at the top again. Lou Paget singles likens orgasm compound as the chain length pearl necklace.

Sequential multiple

Some orgasm occurs two to 10 minutes in a single battle. With a brief pause to enjoy the sensation of orgasm, then again aroused great. This orgasm occurs many times in women.

So, can you imagine how delicious is not it?

Serial multiple

This type of orgasm is a series of separate series with each other when held. When women can reach the first orgasm, orgasm can be achieved in seconds or a minute pascaorgasme first.

The woman who managed to achieve multi orgasm, she was in the long climax that made her experience a "seizure" at once.


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